Loma Vista Farms Donation


When I moved to Benecia, I joined a local Mom’s Group. One of our first outings with the group was to the Loma Vista Farm in our neighboring city of Vallejo. The girls and I enjoyed a sunny morning at this little farm which is full of sweet animals and loads of charm.

“Loma Vista Farm is a 5-acre outdoor classroom that provides hands-on educational activities involving plants and animals for children of all ages and abilities. We seek to increase students’ knowledge of nature and nutrition while enhancing academic learning, ecoliteracy, and psychosocial development.”

A few weeks ago, dogs broke into the farm and killed three alpacas and injured several other animals. I was totally heartbroken to think about what those poor animals went through that night and then what their loving caregivers felt when they arrived the next morning.

So, I asked how can I help and found that I could donate items to a fundraiser that they have coming up. I worked with Soft Flex Company to donate a Bead Stringing Starter Kit and then donated a copy of my book Seed Bead Revolution and an original necklace design in the book as a second auction item. I know every little bit helps. You can help too by visiting their Go Fund Me Page and making a small donation.

I hope to take the girls to the farm again later this Spring and to see that the animals and staff have started to heal from this horrible situation.  Hopefully they feel embraced by people from all over who love what they do and want to support them.

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