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Kristen and I really put a lot of love into Seed Bead Revolution. It has 30+ projects using innovative seed beads in creative ways – SuperDuos, MiniDuos, SuperUnos, O Beads, TriBeads, QuadBeads, etc. All of the projects can be created in one sitting and most show two color options.

Here are few of my favorite 5 star reviews from Amazon!

“This is an incredibly beautiful book! Full of beautiful pictures and very easy how to instructions, I love how it’s written! Feels like you are learning to bead with a close friend, very very enjoyable!! The ideas are gorgeous and the supply list was very helpful!” – Kayren Woolum

“I only have great things to say… I savored every page,reading every word. I loved the little phrases at the beginning of each project, I loved reading the forward, both of your bios and your acknowledgements..oh! & of course, the projects, which are so beautiful, I want to make each one!!! Each page is beautifully written & so detailed that even a beginner beader can create these amazing designs. And each page is filled with incredible photos ! PLEASE BUY THIS BOOK, YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!
In the day of big huge companies that only care about making the almighty dollar, Sara, Kristen & Soft Flex Company CARE!!! You get personal with your customers, interacting with them ( & went as far as letting US (the customers & fans) make some choices in regard to the book!) and truly care about us as beaders & are interested in what we do with your product once it leaves your company!
You & Soft Flex Company will continue to amaze & inspire me everyday!!” – Dawn

“I’ve been beading — seed and otherwise— for a LONG time, but I still found this book to be filled with new ideas — and lovely designs. The instructions are spot on (perfect for beginners) and the photos are gorgeous. There are more designs that I want to do than I’ll have time for till after Christmas, but I will be using the book as inspiration for gifts. I love a book where there are projects that you want to tackle “as is” and others that spark my own ideas. Fantastic book!!” – Cathy Jakicic

“Anyone looking for a Fantastic book, please purchase this book. I received my copy today September 1,2017. It is not only beautiful, but is extremely informational and shows all types of seed beads, tools, soft flex wire, diameters, and their usage. How to use the Magical Crimper tool. And absolutely stunning designs of jewelry using Soft Flex beading wire. I would highly recommend this book. I am 100% satisfied! Thank you Sara and Kristen.” – Laurie Kaioula

“I got my copy a couple of days ago and love it. I am a seed beader who wanted to do something other than bead weaving. This book is beautiful. It comes with 16 patterns from the authors plus a bonus guest pattern by Nealay Patel, which I must say I cannot wait to try. I have already tried a couple of patterns and even did one where I switched up the type of seed bead (since I didn’t have the right one on hand) and loved it! The book was done beautifully and has lots of good information about materials and tools used in the book. It is a fun way to get creative and change up your normal beading no matter your skill level or experience. There is something for everyone from bead weavers to people who like to sting. My only down side was a few of the patterns feature the seed beads more as accents than having them center stage which was what I was hoping each pattern did. But the beautiful designs speak for themselves and are pleasing to look at and fun to create. I can’t wait to get my bead order in so I can try other projects.” – Christina Fisher

“I love the book. It is full of inspiration and educational. I am an advanced beaver but have not worked with wire before. This book teachers how to meld the two together. Even if a project isn’t your “cup of tea”. You can still use the ideas to spur you on. Thanks Sara and Kristen.” – Sandra Helton

“I’ve always been a fan of Sara and Kristen’s design and was THRILLED to see they put out a brand new book! The designs are fantastic and celebrate the variety of seed beads that are new to the bead world, while highlighting Soft Flex beading wire in an array of techniques and fashions. If you’re looking for easy and fun techniques with fashion-forward designs, then this is the book for you. I have a copy and absolutely love it!” – Nealay Patel

“Received my book yesterday. Love all the patterns. Hard time on choosing what to do first. Love Sara Oehler designs” – Holly M. Koelder

Wow! Nothing nicer than reading all the nice things people said about our book. If you have a copy and love it too, would you mind dropping us a review? If you don’t have a copy, you can purchase one right here!


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