Beads, Baubles and Jewels – By the Sea, Episode 2701


I am excited to announce that the first episode (2701) of the new season of Beads, Baubles and Jewels is starting soon. The season will start running on the Public Broadcasting Station on January 24th in some locations (check your local listings for start date and times). This is super exciting for me because I am on the very first episode of the season with a design that is an evolution from a project in Seed Bead Revolution.

In this project I use .010 Very Fine Soft Touch Beading Wire to weave SuperDuo seed beads together. I attach the ends with Soft Flex Beading Wire, 2x2mm crimp tubes and Magical Crimpers – all products from Soft Flex Company. The gorgeous clasp is from Green Girl Studios, one of my favorite component companies.

Photo Oct 03, 10 40 47 AM

If you follow along in my jewelry making adventures, you will likely know that I had a rough time taping a segment. Well, this is the one! It was tough for a number of reasons – some of them too personal to share on a blog. But, I made it through and I am sure that they will make it look great. Most importantly, if you watch, you should learn a thing or two.


Bead weaving with Soft Touch Wire is so nice because you don’t need a needle. The wire is comprised of 7 strands of stainless steel braided together and coated in a nylon coating. It is flexible and really strong. So many people don’t know how great this product is…yet!


I love working with all of the innovative new seed beads – that is why I helped to write Seed Bead Revolution. They don’t have to be just for intensive bead weaving projects. They can also be used in a project like this that you can do in one sitting. In the book we use SuperDuos, MiniDuos, Tilas, Half Tilas, O Beads, Quad Beads, Tri Beads and more. By using mostly simple stringing and crimping techniques, we were able to offer a wide variety of designs. You will also find a few kumihimo projects in the book too.


I cannot express enough the importance of good quality crimps to finish off your designs. Although small, crimps play an important role in holding a design together. It is important that crimps are seamless and thick walled. In this segment, I will show you how to use Magical Crimpers, which take a tube and make it round while compressing it down into the nylon coating. They give a very complete and professional look to the bracelet.

On this episode, you will also find a metal clay design from Tammy Honaman from FW Media. Tammy has always struck me as a fantastic teacher. I am sure her project will leave you full of new creative ideas too.

So, I invite you to check your local listings and plan to watch when Episode 2701 shows on your local Public Broadcasting Station. I’d love to hear your feedback on the design and if you have any questions.

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