New Classes at Just Bead It in Concord CA – November 16, 2018

Hello! I have two new classes coming up at the bead store Just Bead It in Concord, CA on November 16, 2018.

Here is a little about this sweet little store from their About Us page, “Our bead enthusiasm started 40 years ago when Dad discovered making fun and funky wire jewelry for Mom in the 70’s. As a young college student, wirework was the perfect gift offering personalized style and creativity on a budget. Unfortunately his art was set aside and placed in a box for many years to then be discovered by his then teenage daughter who immediately caught the beading bug and encouraged the whole family to join along. Our love for beading and being with family led to our shop opening in 2003, and we are now going on our 15th year of operation!”


Phone: 925-682-6493

Brick & Mortar Store:

2051 Harrison Street, Ste. C

Concord, CA 94520


Sparkly Kumihimo Necklace Class


In this class, we will learn how to use Soft Flex beading wire on a Kumihimo disk. We’ll crimp using two different sizes of pliers – regular and mighty with two different sizes of crimp tubes. The crystals in this design really make it sparkle. It is a perfect piece for the upcoming holiday season and can be done in a multitude of colors of Soft Flex and/or crystals available in the shop. Using Soft Flex beading wire on the Kumihimo disk is key when you are using beads like crystals. They have sharp edges that might cut into other threads and cords in this style of braiding.

Kumihimo is a traditional braiding technique originated in Japan using silk. It allowed people to create colored cords. The cording is very strong and could be used in a lot of different ways. Kumihimo itself, in Japanese, means to gather and braid cord or thread.


Knitting on a Spool Bracelet

January 2019

In this class, we will learn how to knit Soft Flex beading wire on a knitting spool to make a fabulous and unique bracelet. We will crimp and apply crimp covers in class too. The combination of beading wire colors available and centerpiece options will ensure that each design will be unique and one-of-a-kind. Using Soft Flex beading wire on a knitting spool makes a really interesting stretchy bracelet that doesn’t require a clasp and can roll over your hand.

Knitting on a spool is another traditional method of making cord. It is fun to see how a new and modern product like Soft Flex beading wire turns out on an age old tool – like the kumihimo disk or a knitting spool.

Please call or stop by Just Bead It in Concord, CA to sign up for these classes as soon as possible. My classes at JBI do sometimes sell out!

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