Seed Bead Revolution Available By Pre-Order


Pre-Order Seed Bead Revolution

Yay! Seed Bead Revolution is far enough along that Kristen and I are ready for Soft Flex Company to sell it as a pre-order only book. It will ship sometime in August. All pre-ordered copies will be signed by both of us. Each person that buys a book, will get a sneak peek into the book with a pdf of two of our favorite projects (in beta form). We are doing our final editing and touching up now!

Sonoran Star Photo

I am so very proud of this book, probably more so than any that I have done before. I got to be so much more involved in the entire creation from front to back. I love that people who were once intimidated by all of the new and innovative shapes and sizes of seed beads will see that they can use them in a way that isn’t quite so challenging as a heavily woven design.

Photo Apr 19, 6 11 04 PM (1)

Lastly, I have to tell you guys, Kristen is a rock star! She has worked so hard over the last month to put together the graphics for the book at record speed while still keeping up with her family, her career and her art. She was a great book partner but after 15 (or so) years of working with her, I knew that she would be!

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