Teen Choice Awards Gift Lounge in Hollywood


Sometimes I just need to pinch myself. I get to do some incredibly fun and interesting things. Being in the Teen Choice Awards Gift Lounge was certainly a pinch worthy moment last weekend! Soft Flex was approached a few months ago about this event and it has been really difficult to keep quiet about it. It was really exciting for me personally because Kalmbach Publishing sponsored copies of my book Show Your Colors to go into the gift bags that we handed out to the celebrities.

Teen Choice Awards Gift Lounge in Hollywood

Here is Erin Murphy (Tabitha on Bewitched) with her Soft Flex gift bag at the Teen Choice Awards Gift Lounge.

Teen Choice Awards Gift Lounge in Hollywood

What you talkin’ about Willis? Check out Todd Bridges (Willis on Diff’rent Strokes) sporting his new Soft Flex gift bag.

Once upon a time, if you had told me that I would help write a book, I would have thought you were out of your mind. Now, if you then told me that I’d watch Tabitha from Bewitched and Willis from Diff’rent Strokes holding copies of the book that they then took home, I would have found it exceedingly far fetched. Life is stranger than fiction sometimes!


I was also very stoked that I could share this with my husband. Most of the time, we sacrifice time together so that I can be at events like this. It was amazing to be able to be there and not sacrifice my time with Joshua. I wish that I could fold him up and put him in my pocket, so that he could always go with me everywhere!

Teen Choice Awards Gift Lounge in Hollywood

The gift lounge was held at the Avalon in Hollywood. The Avalon is a well known venue for concerts and is right across the street from the beautiful Capital Records building.

We stuffed our gift bags  with some of our favorite items: my book Show Your Colors, Serenity Trio, Soft Flex Beading Wire, Soft Flex Crimps and Eurotool’s Pocket Crimpers.

I taught an earring project. Many of the celebrities took time to sit down and make earrings with me. I teach make-it-take-its for various events across the country.  This was the most fun make-it-take-it table. Not because I was teaching celebrities but because I was teaching people who have never ever made jewelry before and had no idea how easy it can be. The joy of making something with your own hands showed every time someone completed their earrings. It was so FUN! Fusion Beads was kind and sponsored the crystals for our make-it-take-it kits.

Teen Choice Awards Gift Lounge in Hollywood

Here is Jackie Tohn (American Idol and Platinum Hits Star) with her new earrings.


Here I am showing actor Tyler Champagne (Travis Parks on The Client List) how to use the Universal Magical Crimping Pliers to make earrings for his Mom!

Teen Choice Awards Gift Lounge in Hollywood

My co-worker Brian Clark was super stoked to meet Lauren Potter (Becky on Glee). Glee is easily one of his favorite shows. He was quite star-struck.

Teen Choice Awards Gift Lounge in Hollywood

Here is Emma Bateman from Modern Family! She was with Saige Campbell and Nolan Shame. Saige Campbell has been seen on Gray’s Anatomy, Entourage, Without a Trace and The Guardian. She was also in the movie I Heart Huckabees.


Actor Fabrizio Guido is on a new show called Welcome to the Family, but he is probably best known for playing Tomas in the movie World War Z (which I just saw!). He has also appeared on Gray’s Anatomy. We were glad that he stopped by and spent a few minutes of his time with us and grabbed a gift bag.

Teen Choice Awards Gift Lounge in Hollywood

Here is RJ Mitte who plays Walter White Jr. on the tv show Breaking Bad. He stopped by and picked up a gift bag for his little sister – Lacianne Carriere. She is known for being on Nickelodeon’s Victorious, and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.



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