Bead&Button Show Recap

Wow! The Bead and Button Show was a complicated but fun adventure for me this year. I taught one full day class and one part day class. I helped to create and teach the Soft Flex Make-it-Take-it. I attended Meet the Teachers night. And, I demoed my little fingers off in the booth.


Both of my classes were awesome! Everyone was very patient and kind to me, their fellow students and even themselves. I was very pleased and impressed at how quickly they picked up on their newly learned skills and ran with them. I had 10 students in each class and this was plenty to keep me busy. I have come to the general conclusion that this should probably be my limit. This way I can get around to each student and give hands on assistance when needed.

I am glad that I don’t have another bead show on the schedule until next year. I love to see my friends and I love to make new friends at bead shows. It is so neat to exchange ideas and discuss beading with people who are as enthusiastic about it as I am. However, it is a lot of work and it is nice to have a nice long break before I have to do it again.


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