Bridal Custom Jewelry Design

Recently, I started working with a bride on a headpiece. I’ve never made one before and it is exciting and fun to work on something totally and completely new to me. I think that the heart and soul of a wedding is in the details. It is really neat to help create a detail that someone will remember forever.

To order custom jewelry from me, drop me an email. In this case, I created a sketch, ordered samples to approve the size of beads and quoted a price. I’m actually quite happy to even work within your budget. If you give me a price range in your initial email, I’ll do my best to design with your budget in mind.

Weddings are only one option for custom jewelry designs. You can also order for anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, valentine’s day, school dances, graduations, etc. Women always appreciate a thoughtful gift, especially one that they can wear time and time again. 

I created the design above for a holiday present. The customer gave me some color options and a budget. I was even able to throw in an extra pair of earrings too.
Email – Sara.D.Oehler at

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