Starting a jewelry-making business

Starting Sara O Jewelry has been a long time coming. It is hard to believe that I am finally brave enough to take the plunge. I’m proud to announce my new ownership of All that I need to do now to make it really official is file for my tax id number and start loading some designs into my new etsy shop.

Although I am not going to officially start promoting Sara O until January 2012, I felt like it might be nice to keep  track of my steps for others that might want to follow. Since it was scary and overwhelming for me, I figured that it might be scary and overwhelming for others to start their own jewelry-making business too.

Here is my getting started list:

  1. Decide on a Name (much harder than one would think)
  2. Facebook Fan Page
  3. Twitter Account
  4. Etsy Shop
  5. Decide on an Email
  6. Buy Web Domain
  7. Start Blog and Create Tabs: Blog, Bio, Contact, Shop
  8. Link Everything Together
  9. Point Domain Name to Blog
  10. Set Up Business License
  11. Decide How to Package and Ship
  12. Etsy Shop Policies – Returns, Exchanges, Shipping, Etc
  13. How to take funds – Pay Pal, Swype, Etc
What am I forgetting? 

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